As your County Board Representative, Paul will guarantee:

FOCUS ON CRIME – High crime affects us all.  Crime reduction will be a high priority for Paul.  He knows that safety is the Number One job of county government.

FIGHT HIGH TAXES– Paul is fiscally conservative.  As a business owner, Paul knows how to control spending.  He will use those skills to reduce spending make sure every tax dollar is used wisely and efficiently.

WORK TO EXPAND EMPLOYMENT– A strong job market requires infrastructure to encourage business to locate and expand, reasonable regulation of businesses and a well trained workforce.  As your County Board Representative Paul will support policy that improves our roads, rail and airport.  He will protect business from overbearing regulation. And he will support programs that prepare workers to do the jobs that businesses need done.

HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT– Constituent services are a priority.  Paul will be accessible and respond to assist you when you have a problem and need from County Government.