Paul Arena & Family

Paul has been a resident of Winnebago County for 28 years.  He has been married to Georgine for 26 years and they have two children, Erica and Jon.

He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in Manufacturing Technology.

Paul moved to the Rockford area after college and worked in our local manufacturing industry. He recognizes the critical role manufacturing jobs play in our local economy and the value in bringing more manufacturing jobs to the area.

In 1992 he founded Arena Construction. A business focused on property development, management, and residential and light commercial renovation. His experience as a housing provider has given him valuable insight into how important safe, stable neighborhoods are to our community. His business achievements include:

  • Operates multifamily and single-family properties providing quality, affordable housing.
  • Experience as contractor for the City of Rockford Community Development Department to remodel the homes of citizens participating in renovation assistance programs.
  • Experience with commercial contracting and relations with labor unions.
  • Successfully utilized City of Rockford redevelopment programs to restore seven dilapidated and vacant properties.In 1994 he joined the Rockford Apartment Association, a local not for profit group serving to educate and act as advocate for individuals engaged in the business of providing residential rental housing. Shortly after joining he began to serve as a volunteer on the Board of Directors. During his time with RAA Paul has:
  • Served as treasurer, secretary, program director, and president for 10 years.  Paul currently services as RAA Directory of Government and Public Affairs.
  • Served on City of Rockford Fair Housing Board May 2000 – April 2005.
  • Has had extensive interaction with local government on issues related to housing.
  •  Implemented public relation strategies to improve image of rental housing providers within the community.In January of 2007 Paul was selected to represent local housing providers in the Illinois Rental Property Owners Association, a state-wide coalition of rental property associations in 15 Illinois cities. Currently he volunteers to serve as Northwest Vice President and as the Director of Legislative Affairs for the organization.

His duties include:

  • Managing membership in the northwest region of Illinois
  • Lead the political activities of the organization on a state-wide level
  • Propose, draft and obtain sponsorship of legislation.
  • Review pending legislation and establish the IRPOA position.
  • Lobby for, or in opposition of, legislation of a concern to IRPOA, including drafting position papers, engaging legislators and testifying in committee.

Paul’s professional experience in providing families a home, jobs in the community and working with Government at both the state and local level makes him a great candidate to effectively serve the citizens of Winnebago County..